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Principal's Message-Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Academy, Ratlam


Dear Parents,

Principal Messages

It gives me great pleasure to proclaim that Shri Tegh Bahadur Academy has been working with a vision for exellance in education and kept pace with the ceaseless and keleidoscopic changes in the world, preparing student s eor the global knowledge-based society. Here each student's individuality  is respected and each student is taught  to compelete against himself or herself  rather than against others.

We provide stress-free educationfrom where children could unlesh their vreactivity, which nurtures confidence in them. The children need to be composed enough to concentrate, yet free enough to experiment and make mistake without feeling exposed or self-conscious. We aim to give a firm foundation to the basic skills and do this work, etc.Enjoyable as well as educational, this procedure encourage growth of general knowledge and development of their Intelligence Quotation.

We believe, learning by capturing a set of experience enables one to explore new realm of wisdom as life is not a set of instructions but a series of experiences. Keeping in view the students at secondary level, we have provided with well-equipped laboratories for conducting experiment in physics, chemistry, Biology and mathematics. These laboratories serve as a bridge between theory and practical. There is a wonderful library that makes books of all disciplines, magazines and newspapers available to the students for satiating their thirst knowledge.

Although, the school is growing in number of students as well as member of the faculty, all efforts are made to maintain the quality of education and care of the pupils. As a result, the children of this school who took their board examination all passed with flying colours. We socred 100% result in both Class X and Class XII. The hundred precent pass is an outcome of the hard work done by the faculty who taught them. Children of this academy has not only shown their brilliance in the academic fields but also displayed their excellence in the field of games and sports. 

 It has been our earnest intent to build a strong educational experience for each child through committed teamwork in a stimulating and friendly environment where children feel secure and grow to their full potential. The school is concerned with developing the individual talent and intelligence of each student.

For me a school is not just brick, cement and steel but it has soul also. It is about character building and enriching the mind as well as enriching the vision of the pupil that lasts a lifetime. 

“No one ever fails for lack of ability. The only reason is back of preparation”.

To conclude with almighty’s grace we hope to continue to keep the academy banner flying high by inculcating in our students, principles and ideals which will guide and motivate them through life, to share and use the blessings of their education for the benefit of others.


Thank you

Dr. Rekha Shastri