CBSE Affiliation No. 1030290

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A Place where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed.

School Rules


All rules and regulations are formulated for the benefit of the students. We owe it to them to have a chance to grow up in a society that is safe, and to learn in an environment where there is respect. The rules of school are as following:

  1. Students should try to achieve their personal best in their studies and contribute to a positive learning atmosphere in the class by co-operating the teacher.
  2. Students must take up all assignments and other examinations with a definite sense of improvement.
  3. Students must have 75% attendance; otherwise his/her right to appear in the annual examination gets automatically forfeited as per C.B.S.E. rules.
  4. Students must come to school on time; wear proper uniform and well polished shoes.
  5. Students must have well groomed hairs. Girls having long hairs must plait their hairs. But none is allowed to change their natural hair colour completely or partly.
  6. Eatables are not allowed in the classroom, library, and laboratory and office area.
  7. Students must behave in a courteous, decent and modest manner which is appropriate to school culture at all times.
  8. Students should switch off the lights and fans before leaving the class room.
  9. Students should keep the class room clean and tidy and put the waste papers, wrappers in the dustbin.
  10. Students should look after the property of the school, help to keep it in order and avoid making marks on the wall and furniture.
  11. Students are not allowed to bring money, jewelry or valuable articles with them. School will not responsible in case of their loss.
  12. Bringing of cell phones, earphones or any electronic item in the school premises is prohibited.
  13. Students visiting the school for any reason have to come in proper uniform.
  14. No collection of money should be made without the prior permission of Principal.
  15. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is prohibited.
  16. Students may not enter other than his/her own class room without permission and no one is allowed to stay in the class room during games and yoga classes.
  17. Students are expected to give special attention to personal and general cleanliness and courtesy.
  18. During the absence of the teacher, the class monitor is responsible for the order and discipline.
  19. Loud/ impolite talk/use of unparliamentarily language which offends the listener would be dealt seriously.
  20. Theft, physical fights/ bouts with each other, indecent behaviors will be dealt seriously.
  21. Students traveling by school bus are expected to follow the discipline rule in bus too. Any pone found misbehaving will be debarred from bus facility.
  22. Students shall endeavor to keep up good name of the school by his/her manners and deportment.
  23. Respect and preserve school property and report at once to the teachers any damage or danger to it that you may observe.
  24. Learn to appreciate the good qualities of others and always have positive attitude.
  25. Avoid dropping papers, on the school premises or out of the windows, to pick up such papers when found.